Full cast gold crowns are resistant to oxidation, corrosion and plaque accumulation, its have long been a popular choice due to their clinical success and ease of use.

Precious alloy with its feature on anti-oxidation,corrosion resistance and anti-accumulation of harmful bacteria has been widely use by dentists in clinical practice.

Rely on us for outstanding PFMs, while appreciating our wealth of technical knowledge, superb customer support and quick three – day turnaround for copings. We apply the latest technology in processing your outsourced copings and PFMs. Our goal is to ensure that every case you send to our laboratory will exhibit consistently ideal fits, contacts and occlusion, and provide your dentists with aesthetics that will seat with little to no chairside adjustment. All PFM copings and bridge frameworks are carefully waxed to your prescribed contours and trimmed margins, then invested using computer – controlled dosing of investment mixed with an orbital centrifugal mixer. A multi-stage burnout and induction casting ensure a consistent fit. Save time and labour when you outsource Full Metal Cast restorations.